Malaria in Children

Malaria in children, every year three million children worldwide die from malaria, mostly in Africa. It is the most serious and life-threatening disease that can get kids to travel.

Disease of Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes. They are active from sunset to sunrise. A good protection against the disease consists of minimizing the risk of mosquito bites, plus antimalarial tablets. Check to start sleeping. Preferably, this includes air conditioning or at least one mosquito net. Let small children daytime wear long sleeves and trousers. Protect exposed body parts with an insect repellent. Many of these products contain DEET. In children under two years are advised not to use concentrations above 30%. In children it is important to the plea on the hands or face lubrication.

Many anti-malaria tablets for children are similar to those for adults, only the dosage differs. Some tablets should not be prescribed to children. Doxycycline is suitable from the age of eight years and Malarone only for children over eleven pounds.


The first signs of malaria can mimic a cold or a child with febrile illness. The disease can then very quickly develop into a very severe form. Moreover, children run a greater risk of complications such as shock, coma and death.


For the treatment of malaria is at least medical help. The earlier these children receive, the greater the chance of recovery. Children should therefore during the trip an eye and check with a doctor immediately suspicious signals.

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