Hearty Soup Alternative to Tackle Flu

Hearty Soup Alternative to Tackle Flu
The rainy season is usually accompanied by the arrival of the spread of influenza. Although quite widely available flu drugs on the market, but research indicates that there are some foods that can reduce the duration of flu symptoms. 
Most of the food is used as a food that is traditionally served at many flu season. One is chicken soup.

In a study published in The American Journal of Therapeutics, it is known that it contains karnosin in chicken soup. Karnosin was able to boost the immune system to fight the flu virus.

The study departs from the research Dr.Stephen Rennard found that chicken soup could inhibit the response neutrophils, a type of white blood cells protect the body protects the body against infection. Inhibition of these responses will reduce the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection.

Chicken soup is usually made up of carrots, garlic, chicken pieces, pepper, salt, potatoes, radishes, and celery leaves.

A study conducted in Miami examined the effects of cold water, warm water, and chicken soup to the flow of air and mucus. The study was conducted on 15 participants. As a result, the soup will improve the function of cilia, the hair in the nostrils and prevents harmful substances entering the body. In addition to soup, hot water in a cup of tea also increases the movement of nasal mucus and clear the airways and reduce the risk of nasal congestion.

From various studies it can be concluded the various components in a bowl of chicken soup to work together to fight infection. Vitamin C, vitamin A, carotenoids, vitamin E, and zinc are also found in vegetable chicken soup supplement known to boost immunity.

The study also revealed that nutrients are in liquid form more easily absorbed by the body than if consumed in solid form.

In addition to soup, other foods that have similar properties such as lime, kiwi, drink hot tea, sweet potatoes, as well as probiotics. In one study, people who took probiotics had decreased to 34 percent of flu symptoms and heal their sick within two days.

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