What Is Typhoid Fever

Typhoid Fever is still very often encountered in their daily lives. More than 13 million people infected with the bacteria around the world and 500,000 of them died. so What Is Typhoid Fever

What Is Typhoid Fever
Typhoid Fever
Typhoid Fever is caused by the bacteria species known as Salmonella enterica. These bacteria are transmitted into the victim through contaminated water in most cases of infection. If the water or even food contaminated with fecal wastes from an infected person is consumed by a person, he or she could get infected with the typhoid bacteria found in the feces.

Once the bacteria enter into the body through the digestive tract, they penetrate into the intestinal walls and are phagocytosed, or engulfed in solid form by macrophages which are a type of white blood cells. From there, it is taken into parts of the body where it can multiply like spleen, liver and bone marrow. Once it multiplies in good numbers, it enters the blood stream again causing symptoms of the fever. 

Salmonella Thyposa
Typhoid Fever is a serious and potentially fatal illness which is caused by a bacterial infection. This disease is primarily associated with poor hygiene and is more common in areas with poor sanitation.

Not everyone may get critically Typhoid Fever after the bacteria infect them. People developing mild fever which can be overlooked can actually go on to be long term carriers of the disease, as the bacteria find havens to multiply in the liver, gall bladder and bile duct.

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