Dengue Fever Mosquito

dengue mosquit
Once we know that dengue fever is caused by the bite of aedes mosquito that left a virus in our bodies. These mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. as additional knowledge for us here are the characteristics of the dengue fever mosquito (Aedes aegypty) which transmit the dengue disease in humans.

  Characteristics of mosquitoes
  1. Black with white stripe (white pinto) in the whole body mosquitoes. 
  2. Can fly up to a radius of 100 meters from where they hatch.
  3. Female mosquitoes need blood every other day.
  4. Female mosquitoes suck blood in the morning and afternoon.
  5. Glad to rest in dark places and objects hanging in the house. 
  6. Living in the home environment, building and building.
  7. Mosquitoes can live up to 2-3 months with an average of 2 weeks.
Places commonly used as a spawning (breeding) is in place the stagnant water in a long time such as bathtubs, flower vases, tin cans, broken bottles, water storage, pit toilets, guttering, and so forth. Dirty water such as sewer, water turbid, water pond, puddle that relate directly to the soil, etc. are not suitable places for dengue mosquitoes to lay eggs.

Mosquito causes dengue spawn with the following features:
  1. The number of eggs could reach 100 units.
  2. Color black eggs with average size 0.8 mm3. Hatch after 
  3. 2 days submerged in water 
  4. If there is no water then the egg will stand waiting for water for 6 months.
After the eggs hatch, then become mosquito larvae with the characteristics:
  1. Agile movement and actively engaged in the clean water from the bottom to the surface to take a breath of air then back down.
  2. Has the size of 0.5 to 1 cm
  3. If the rest of larva seen perpendicular to the surface of the water. 
  4. After 6-8 days will turn into pupae of mosquitoes.
Mosquito pupa aigypty aides characterized as below:
  1. Moving slowly in the water. Often in surface water.
  2. Having a body shape like a comma. 
  3. After the age of 1-2 days then turned into a mosquito pupae ready for new and ready to harm human beings around him.
Beware of dengue mosquito because if dengue is not addressed properly it can cause death in humans around him.

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