Guava Leaf and DHF

Talking about the guava juice was no progress has been staggering. If it is made from fruit juice, it's not something strange. However, there is research that is being developed in the use of guava as dengue fever prevention is the manufacturing of juice from the leaf material. whether the juice from the guava leaves can prevent DHF?

Reported that guava leaf extract is known to inhibit the growth of dengue virus, DHF. Material was also noted to increase the number to 100 thousand platelets per cubic millimeter without side effects. From the test, increasing the number of platelets is estimated to be achieved within 8 to 48 hours or two days after consumption of guava leaf extract.

As prevention of dengue fever, is not one we also try to use this guava leaves for treatment DHF.

The following is how to make it.
  1. Clean the leaves of guava
  2. Pounded and boiled
  3. After that, filtered water, then drink the water.
However, for the treatment of DHF with a doctor should still be done, given the guava leaf extract is only a supplement. If so, what harm we try, treat dengue fever with guava juice as a preventive.

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