Prevention of Dengue Mosquitoes

Prevention of dengue illness is dependent on vector control, namely Aedes aegypti mosquito that usually spreads through environments that are less clean, stagnant water and others. Mosquito control can be done by using some appropriate method as below.

1. Environmental
Environment for mosquito control methods include the eradication of mosquito breeding, solid waste management, modification of mosquito breeding places a byproduct of human activity, and improving home design. For example:
  • Bathtub drain / reservoir water at least once a week.
  • Changing / drain vase of flowers and birds once a week watering.
  • Closes with a meeting of the cistern.
  • Burying old cans, used batteries and old tires around the house and so forth.
2. Biological
Biological controls such as using mosquito-eating fish (fighting fish / fish Betta splendens), and bacteria (Bt.H-14).

3. Chemical
How to control, among others:
  • Fumigation / fogging (using malathion and fenthion), useful to reduce the likelihood of transmission to a certain time limit.
  • Giving abate powder (temephos) in places such as water reservoirs, water barrels, flower vases, ponds, and others.
The risk of suffering DHF
  • The people who live in the suburbs and slums.
  • Children aged under 15 years
  • The people who live in a humid environment
First Aid
  • Give to drink as much as possible with water that has been cooked, such as milk, tea or other drinking water, can also with ORS.
  • Provide cold water compress or ice.
  • Give an arrow-lowering drugs such as paracetamol (kids dose 10-20 mg / kg body weight per day, adult; 3 × 1 tablet / day).
  • It should be immediately taken to the doctor, sub health officers, midwives, nurses, village builder, health center or hospital.
The most effective way in preventing dengue is to combine the above ways is to close, draining, hoard. It also did some maintenance plus as larvae-eating fish, sow larvasida, use mosquito nets when sleeping, put gauze, sprayed with insecticide, use a repellent, put insect repellent, check periodically pinched, etc. in accordance with local conditions.

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